Sun Sign – Pisces

Sun Sign Pisces
Feb 19-Mar 20

What is Your Sun Sign?

While other planets in your chart contribute greatly to who you are, the sign your Sun is in represents a core nature of your personality. It’s where you have your strongest sense of personal identity. It’s what and how you pursue all things in your life and is central to how you approach your career and everything else you work towards and accomplish. Your Sun Sign isn’t restrictive in any way, but it influences how you go about your pursuits.

Sun Sign of Pisces

Having your Sun in Pisces makes you caring, imaginative, sensitive to others, and very aware of the “mood” of any room you’re in. Perhaps you’ve been called a “dreamer” before, and you are naturally creative and possibly artistic if you developed the skills to express your creativity in that way.

Caring for others comes naturally. You usually know quite clearly what others are feeling. Your desire to help others is strong and you may need to learn how to say “no” sometimes. Giving too much can be a risk for your generous nature. 

Partners for Pisces

Pisces needs a partner in their life that shows them heartfelt care and love. Of course we all do, but Pisces in particular needs this as they so often give so much of themselves that sometimes they have difficulty learning to receive that same kind of care from others. They also benefit from a partner that brings a grounding influence, without callously trampling on their dreams and feelings.

  • Strong matches for Pisces:
    • Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Neutral matches for Pisces:
    • Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces
  • Challenging matches for Pisces:
    • Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

So does this mean a Pisces – Gemini relationship is doomed? Of course not. We are far more than just our Sun Signs, and we all learn different lessons in our lives that can make any pairing work in the right circumstances. The above is just a guide to where there are commonly easier and harder aspects to a relationship.

Can a Challenging Match Work?

Let’s consider that Pisces – Gemini couple. Like Pisces, Gemini is changeable and fluid in their approaches to things in life. This similarity is actually one of the main reasons problems can arise. Typically Pisces finds better relationships with those who are different than themselves. But that said, with the right placements of other planets and life experiences, a Gemini and a Pisces could be true soulmates. If they find a way together to make the Gemini more open to what they see as Pisces “neediness” (loves deep, emotional connections) and make Pisces more understanding of Gemini’s divided attention (“yes, of course I love you, but there’s this bright, shiny object over there that I simply must investigate”) they can truly have a love of the ages.

Whenever we talk about Sun Sign compatibility, it’s always a highly generalized discussion. It’s similar to how your Sun Sign alone doesn’t define you as a person. All the planets work together in their placements to describe you as a whole. While only your full birth chart has this information, looking at just the Sun Signs is still a quick “rough guide” to which relationships come with what kinds of harmony and challenge.


What Does Your Sun Sign Mean?

We’ve talked about why your Sun Sign is what it is, but what does it mean?


The sign your Sun is in represents a core nature of your personality. It’s where you have your strongest sense of personal identity. It’s what and how you pursue all things in your life and is central to how you approach your career and everything else you work towards and accomplish. Your Sun Sign isn’t restrictive in any way, but it influences how you go about your pursuits.


A person with their Sun in Leo is likely to be confident, generous, and enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. Someone else may have their Sun in Aquarius, who tends to have a strong freedom-loving streak, puts a high value on independence, and enjoys helping others.

Let’s say both the Leo and the Aquarius make a donation to charity. The Leo will, generally, be happier if their contribution is recognized — if people see them as charitable. The Aquarius is less likely to care about that kind of recognition. Does this mean all Leo’s want to be publicly recognized? No, but they all have that desire for recognition, even if it’s not overtly on display. Maybe they enjoy the respect of their peers at work, or the “likes” in their online community, or maybe they are fully public and pursue a life in politics, or public-speaking, or acting.

Your Way

Every sign has characteristics that are emphasized. Your Sun Sign indicates a way where you’ll be happiest focusing your energies, where you’ll have the greatest interest in achieving and experiencing. It’s where you’ll find a large piece of the puzzle of who you are and what will make you feel the most rewarded.


Why are you the sign you are?

You’ve likely always known what your sign is. But why that one? How does it work?


As we look up at the sky from Earth, we can see the Sun, the Moon, and many of the planets in our solar system positioned in front of different areas of the sky we refer to as constellations.

Constellations are commonly known as collections of stars that look – very roughly – like certain types of creatures or characters. One example is Leo, which looks like a lion. 

Leo Constellation Print

Another is Gemini, which looks like two people, twins, holding hands.

Gemini Constellation Print

There are a set of twelve constellations that the planets, Moon, and Sun spend almost all their time in — they’re the ones you’ve heard of:

Sign NameBirthday Dates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – Aug. 22
VirgoAug. 23 – Sept. 22
LibraSept. 23 – Oct. 22
ScorpioOct. 23 – Nov. 21
SagittariusNov. 22 – Dec. 21
CapricornDec. 22 – Jan. 19
AquariusJan. 20 – Feb. 18
PiscesFeb. 19 – March 20


As the planets orbit the sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth, they are seen to move against the starry backdrop of these constellations and we say they are in a “sign”, named for each of these constellations as they move through the sky.

You are the sign you are because when you were born, the Sun was positioned in front of that particular constellation. That’s why your sign is more properly called your “Sun Sign”. As the Earth orbits the Sun over the course of a year, the Sun appears to move steadily through each of these constellations in a great circle in the sky, which is why people born around the same time of the year share the same Sun Sign.

Does this mean that everyone with the same Sun Sign are basically the same according to astrology? Absolutely not! There is much more to what astrology says about you than just your Sun Sign, but it IS an important part of who you are.

Show your Sign!

At Enchanted Charts we celebrate each of the signs and their constellations with our Zodiac Sign Star Prints. They show the stars of the constellation, emphasized and connected, and also the stars you actually see in the sky around them. You choose the color and style and receive printable files in three different sizes. Your Sun Sign is a big part of who you are, and you deserve to be celebrated!


What Does a Solar Eclipse Mean?

Solar Eclipse

Given we have a solar eclipse today, Dec.14, 2020, let’s talk about what a solar eclipse means in an astrological sense.

In the future we will present an eclipse from an astronomical standpoint as it’s very interesting to know what’s happening in our sky — and it helps explain how other, astrological things like the North and South lunar nodes work.

But for now, let’s talk about what it means for us.

A solar eclipse always happens when there’s a new moon. New moons are dark and are the beginning and end of a lunar cycle — the journey of the moon through it’s phases. From new moon, growing to a bright full moon, then shrinking back to a dark new moon again.

New moons represent both beginnings and endings, and are times when we should look at our past and make decisions about what we want to do and how we want to handle things in the future. What sign the new moon is in tells a lot about where this new-beginning, intention-setting energy is best focused.

A solar eclipse is a special kind of new moon. It’s a near-perfect alignment with the Sun that boosts the normal energy of that Moon & Sun combination way up!

When there’s a solar eclipse you have the sense that both what has gone before and what you wish to do next is amplified to really feel the energy of coming change. And that’s what it’s mainly about:  change. It’s like a coiled spring. There’s energy there and it’s going to be released. You are best to use and guide this energy in a positive way in your life lest it otherwise surprise you in potentially unexpected or undesirable ways.

Be open to new ideas during this time. It is a time of change and adjustment, and there may be new ideas put in front of you that you never considered before. Don’t limit yourself. Learn from your past and set a course with intention for your future.

While there’s a lot of energy with a solar eclipse, it’s going to be released over time. Maybe a long period of time or maybe a short period of time, but either way the starting gun for this race hasn’t fired yet. This is a beginning. Make decisions and prepare yourself but let the week of the eclipse pass by before you begin acting on some of the decisions you’re making. Use the time to consider all possibilities and explore all potentials. Figure out what you want to do, set your intentions, establish your goals, and make your plans.

Be ready to become who and what you want to be.