Venus in Libra Opposite Mars Retrograde in Aries

Spend comfortable time with people you know.

“This is an excellent time for socializing with people you know, even if that happens in a virtual gathering. Don’t focus on meeting new people right now.

Reconnect with good friends you may have lost touch with. Keep these conversations light and friendly. No commitments to jump back into past habits or activities — especially if they’re past romantic partners — just cruise and enjoy talking with people who know you well.

Browse for a new look! Whether for you with a new hairstyle or nail design, or for your home with some new decor ideas or garden plans, enjoy finding something that makes your world a little more “you”. But don’t stress over actually deciding to purchase anything or have any major change done. If it comes easily do it, but if not just enjoy the experience and know that it will help you decide when you feel the need to make a change later on.

As much as this is a good time to be with people, you are also a bit prone to occasionally feeling frustrated with them and the way you interact. Do your best to pause when you feel that frustration building. Things will tend to balance out more quickly than usual right now, so if it gets to be too much just take a break from their company for a bit. Know that in the near future you’ll have the energy and drive to make changes to help everyone work better together.”