Mercury Enters Scorpio (From Libra)

Powerful communications and a focused mind on attaining your goals.

“Your thoughts are more focused on obtaining what you desire. You will find it easier to figure out what you need to do to make this happen and your ability to focus on doing so is increased. Use this focus and insight to achieve your goals! It’s a gift, but don’t alienate those close to you during your intense efforts.

You can present ideas well and write with purpose. You can zero in on just what needs to be said to express yourself clearly. Focus on slowing it down a bit though as you may come across a bit more powerfully than you intend.

When negotiating, your focus on what you want makes you less likely to be distracted or tricked by others who are negotiating in bad faith.

Don’t assume everyone shares your goals or even knows what your goals are. Where it matters, remember to explain before you try to convince.”