Venus in Libra Square Jupiter in Capricorn

Generosity, caring, and support needs to flow in both directions.

“Review how you’ve been treated by those you provide any kind of help or support to. Are you being treated fairly?

At work, are you receiving the expected benefits from the investment of time, help, and support you’ve been giving others? Not so much the financial side of things, though that’s obviously important as well, but mainly how you’re treated. Are people grateful? Are they helpful and supportive in return?

In your personal life, who helps you when you need it? Who asks for too much? Are there people who are a draining force without appreciating what you’re doing for them? Are there people you need to express more gratitude to, or perhaps find a way to help in return?

It’s not easy to take a practical look at emotional and complex relationships, but on the whole, you should know who you feel is on your team, whether they’re a key player or an occasional stand-in when something comes up.

Things don’t always have to be in perfect balance, but it’s not right for generosity, caring, and support to be one-sided for too long.”