New Moon in Scorpio

Let your desires and powerful emotions guide you to begin something wonderful.

“This is a great time to start something new. Something that you’re passionate about and leads to the things you desire. You have the motivation and energy to succeed but you need to figure out where you can best apply your efforts. Look to what you enjoy and what you could happily spend time doing. If it directly helps other people then so much the better.

You’re not in the lime-light with this exploration. It’s more internal and about you figuring out where and what you’re going to do that will bring you joy and success. Approach this with action and energy though… get started! Just maybe don’t shout it from the rooftops yet.

Your emotions are intense. Changeable too, but not in a bad way. Perhaps a little more “honest” than you normally expose. Be a little cautious when dealing with people you don’t want to upset. Try to dial it back a bit if they look a little shocked at your responses. Stick to who you are though! This is a time of new beginnings. You’re ready to go and you’re not interested in letting others slow you down. Still, if you can do what you’re going to do without upsetting people that’s better for everyone.”