Venus in Libra Square Saturn in Capricorn

Discover ways to make your relationships work better for everyone.

“If you’re in a romantic relationship, take a good look at where things are working and where they’re not. Is there commitment from both people? Will it last? It’s a good time to figure out if you need to invest further, possibly with some adjustments to make things better emotionally, or if it’s time to make larger changes.

For close friends, look at how you interact and what you both do. Are those things bringing you closer together? If not, spend some time talking about ideas that could bring more fun, help, and closeness to your friendship.

In your household, look at the house rules and how they’re affecting the way everyone feels about their home and each other. Are the rules bringing everyone a sense of comfort, safety, and a loving environment? Rules and systems are rarely picked as the reason for a happy home, but they contribute more than most family members realize. Take a look at yours and see how they’re affecting the family’s emotional relationships. Too strict and people don’t feel loved and valued. Too loose and they don’t learn how to interact well with others or self-regulate. What changes do you see as being helpful for your family?”