Venus Enters Scorpio (from Libra)

Be ready for surging emotions just beneath the surface.

“You will have a tendency to fall in love with something intensely. You’ll see a piece of art that really speaks to you and you must have it! Or you’ll see a new home decor idea that will just be perfect for your place. Similarly, you may see someone who ticks all the boxes and go head over heels for a bit. This could be a romance or perhaps a new or rekindled, close friendship.

Your feelings tend to be amplified right now. They are also quite changeable. If you’re happy, you’re really happy and if you’re sad… well, you’re more likely to feel angry at whatever or whoever did something that might normally make you feel sad.

There will be a lot of ups and downs but most of this turmoil will go unseen. Unless things are really serious, you’ll be able to keep your composure.”