Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

Set a large goal and commit yourself fully!

The Great Conjunction! Jupiter and Saturn appear closer together in the sky than they have for the last 400 years. If you want to see them, wait until just after sunset, then look in the sky just above where the Sun went below the horizon. It will look like two, bright, steadily shining “stars”, one brighter than the other. They won’t appear this close again for another 60 years, though they will form another conjunction in 2040.

What does this mean for us? Both Jupiter and Saturn swept into Aquarius just a couple of days ago, and this joining of their forces heralds a change for something new in the way things work.

Be prepared for change. Be open to inventive and unique solutions for progressing in your career and working efforts. This conjunction is a force rewarding a combination of effort and independent thought. Different is just fine.

Our social norms are going to be influenced as well. Equality and the right for people to live their lives as they choose will continue to be at the forefront of our social consciousness, though now there will be a more helpful influence on making those changes.

This is a big time of change and adjustment to a more open and independent way of making a positive difference in your life. Take advantage of it! Set a large goal and commit yourself fully!