Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer - Let people know how much they mean to you.

“Emotions are the focus of this full moon’s light. Take care of yourself. Embrace those close to you and let them know how much they matter. Avoid sour people or those who don’t have your best interests at heart if you at all can. You don’t need their influence in your life right now.

Find a calm time where you can sit alone for a bit, perhaps with a favorite tea, blanket, or other warming comforts, and dive deep into your emotions. Allow yourself to feel everything that you’ve been experiencing for the last six months. After a while, let yourself explore three things:  

1. What you don’t want to feel in your life anymore 

2. What you have that you cherish and brings you joy and warmth

3. The feelings that you desire to experience

 Allowing all the feelings to flow is often challenging, but being aware of them helps you make better decisions.

This full moon is a great time for a show of care to others who may be struggling. If you’re willing to be there for someone who needs it, approach them now and let them know you’re there for them.”