Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo:  Celebrate your impact on the world

This full moon in Leo is about big emotions and finding a sense of satisfaction with the things you do that benefit not only yourself, but everyone around you as well, virtually or otherwise. You have an impact on the world and it’s time to celebrate that!

Leo Full Moon Ritual

  • Consider the things you do… the things that bring you joy and come from within. The things you can’t help but do.
  • Write down the ways these actions and behaviors can or do benefit those around you. Write each one on a small piece of paper. These are empowering statements of how you help those close to you, just by being who you are.
  • Put the pieces of paper in a see-through container or bowl and set it on a window sill — or outside — where the moonlight can shine on them for one or more nights around the full moon.
  • Afterwards, collect them and arrange these moon-energized statements where you sit at your desk, where you sleep, where you meditate or read. Anywhere you’re spending time, keep these close to you and visible as a charged reminder of the difference you make by just being yourself.