The Aquarian Stellium of 2021

The Aquarian Stellium:  Discover new ways to do things better for everyone involved

There’s quite the gathering going on in the sky right now and there’s really no way to ignore it.

What is it?

This started with the Great Conjunction of 2020, and now we have not only Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius, but also the Sun, Mercury, and now Venus coming to join the party too. And let’s not forget Pluto who’s hanging out right nearby at the edge of Capricorn. All of these planets coming together is called a stellium, which inevitably brings a lot of focused energy in one particular area.

In this case, it’s all happening in Aquarius so it’s going to be about changes and finding new ways of doing things. It will emphasize being open to experimenting and exploring unconventional approaches to problems. Problems that affect not only ourselves, but our societies as a whole. This is a very Big Picture moment and it’s time to get things straightened out and going down a better path for everyone.


This will not be without challenges however. We have Mars and Uranus in Taurus squaring this stellium creating some resistance to action and change. Mercury is also retrograde until February 21st, requiring us to be careful with our thoughts and how we communicate with others.

But this collection of planets will not be denied. Jupiter wants to help, Saturn demands progress, Venus pursues improvement and Mercury retrograde brings deep thought. Combining Pluto in Capricorn’s energy for large-scale, practical transformation with all the others focused in Aquarius, we have all the tools and the energy we need to overcome obstacles and improve.

What to Do

Use this time to come up with new ideas and experiment with how things are done to find ways that provide the most benefit. You shouldn’t worry too much about getting things exactly right. Just try things. Explore options and experiment. This is a time to learn so you can get things set up perfectly once things are all figured out.

Oh, and this stellium will also become even MORE intense next week with the new moon joining in as well!