New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius:  Transform yourself into who you truly are.

This new moon in Aquarius is special. New moons are always good for new beginnings and finding new ways of expressing, feeling, and living your true self. However this one just joined up with a very rare and powerful grouping of planets called a stellium. A stellium, like this powerful Aquarian Stellium, won’t happen again until 2040 — and it won’t have the new moon involved, nor come with such opportunity for supporting personal transformation.

We have a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during this new moon to receive support and help in becoming who we wish to be. To make the changes, we need to establish new patterns of behavior, renewed relationships with those we cherish, and new ways of living with the world around us in a supportive and helpful way. This isn’t just about deciding to change. It’s actually changing your emotional relationship with the habits, people, and things you want in your life, as well as the ones you don’t. Changing yourself and your life starts from within, and must happen before your life and the world around you will become what you wish them to be.

What To Do

Here is our transforming ritual for this very special new moon in Aquarius. It’s a kind of meditation, but don’t think for a moment that it’s passive. We usually have pretty straightforward rituals to make the most of the astrological influences we feel are important, but this new moon deserves extra attention. It’s great potential to bring change for the better made us want to be sure you could get the most advantage you can. Through this practice you will be actively transforming yourself, and while it’s not easy to do, it can have profound effects on your life.

Butterfly Meditation

Read through this meditation completely before trying it.


When you have some uninterrupted time, find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Spend a moment relaxing your mind, then your body. Think about each thought buzzing in your head, “I need to pick the kids up…”, “I have to remember to tell Joe about that new request…”, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m making for dinner tonight yet…” — let them all go. Those thoughts and demands will still be there when you’re done. Think about each part of your body, starting with your toes and slowly working your way up to the top of your head. Feel each part and as you do, let it relax.

Picture everything in your life around you

When you’re calm, begin to focus on everything around you in your life. Not your to-do list, but the hobbies, sports, job, family, friends, co-workers, pets, car, possessions, food, house, decorations, yard… The good, the bad, the unknown, the unsettling, the loving, the disruptive, the stresses, the joys, the happy moments, the sad, the people in your life… everything. Picture it all around you, floating and slowly swirling.

Focus on trying to keep everything and everyone in your mind at once. Take your time. There’s a lot to focus on. Watch as it all floats and swirls slowly around you. Pay attention to each person or thing and hold it in your mind with all the others as a collective, swirling cloud of everything in your life.

Cocooned within your current world

Keep this cloud in your mind, and imagine it beginning to swirl faster. Now faster. Around and above and below you. Faster still until it all begins to blend together as a semi-solid blur. You still know what each thing is, but you can’t see things individually anymore. Now, though still moving fast, it shrinks closer to you, appearing more and and more solid. It doesn’t touch you, but it moves closer still and closes around you, stopping moving as it forms together into a solid featureless shell, blocking the light, cocooning you.

You are comfortable in this warm, dark place, for you know you are separate from everything around you. You are still aware of everything that makes up that cocoon and now, fully aware within it, with everything stopped, and nothing else to distract you, you begin to explore.

See everything clearly – No outside pressures

Think of how you are with all these things, all these influences and parts of your life. In the quiet, some things will become clear very quickly. Things, activities, people, or events that make your heart swell and bring you joy, satisfaction, or fulfillment. Others that make you feel diminished, upset, or concerned. Others — most — may be more complicated. Or at least they may seem so. When being really honest with ourselves, and when considering only what truly makes us more of who we are and want to be, things can become much clearer. This isn’t about what others want you to want, or what others think you should be. It’s only YOU in here. Look at everything and see it through only your eyes. Through the eyes of who you know you want to be… of who you know you truly are.

Change to be who you truly are

Feel the power of that great collection of planets, focused through the new moon’s emotional and personal energy, breeze around the cocoon and then, slowly at first, seeping through it and through you. The power of change and new possibilities made real. Then more flows through, without affecting the cocoon, but breezing around and through you.

Now change. Take the things you want more of, identify the things you want to be different. See the things that are missing and you want to be in your life, and the things that you want gone completely. Things you cherish and want more of, things you want to stay just the way they are.

Use this power to focus and picture how you will be the changes you want in your life. Feel the strength you have to get rid of what you don’t want around you. Feel the strength to create and attract what you want to be present. Are you kinder to others? Are you more expressive with gratitude? Are you more supportive to this person you love, and perhaps less indulgent with someone who pulls you down? You are changing. Love and embrace even closer the things you cherish, and feel how you will be to change things you want to be different.

Look at everything in your life. Feel how you will be with it. Does it stay or does it go? Is it a part of you or is it something you no longer desire? Rediscover and re-invent who you are to bring about the changes in your world. Changes that will bring you the most joy.

Make these changes within yourself real

Keep all this in your mind at once, just as you kept your old world in mind when forming the cocoon. Create your new self and your new world within the cocoon of what was. See the changes in how you are. The way you act. The things you do. The emotions you feel. The things that will be your world. The people that will be around you.

Capture this all-encompassing experience in your mind. Yourself and your world that is to become. You are that change.

Indulge in this feeling and vision. Use the power flowing through the cocoon of what used to be to solidify this new you. Make this real.

You have the power to be who you are.

Now, consider the cocoon of what was. How different it felt.

Break through the cocoon, transformed

When you’re ready, summon all the energy of your new self and break through that cocoon. You don’t need it anymore. You have your new world to live in.

Those around you have not transformed, but you have. Keep that moment of transformation in your mind and know that the changes you make within yourself bring the changes to the world around you.

Live your new self and your world will change.

Reinforce this new you every night

Each night, revisit the changes you’ve set as you drift off to sleep. Remember and feel what it was to have all your chosen world within you in that cocoon. Remember breaking through your old world and bringing it with you, for you are that change.


Steps to the Butterfly Meditation:

  1. Relax
  2. Picture everything in your life around you
  3. Cocooned within your current world
  4. See everything clearly. No outside pressures
  5. Change to be who you truly are
  6. Make these changes within yourself real
  7. Break through the cocoon, transformed
  8. Reinforce this new you every night