What Does a Solar Eclipse Mean?

Solar Eclipse

Given we have a solar eclipse today, Dec.14, 2020, let’s talk about what a solar eclipse means in an astrological sense.

In the future we will present an eclipse from an astronomical standpoint as it’s very interesting to know what’s happening in our sky — and it helps explain how other, astrological things like the North and South lunar nodes work.

But for now, let’s talk about what it means for us.

A solar eclipse always happens when there’s a new moon. New moons are dark and are the beginning and end of a lunar cycle — the journey of the moon through it’s phases. From new moon, growing to a bright full moon, then shrinking back to a dark new moon again.

New moons represent both beginnings and endings, and are times when we should look at our past and make decisions about what we want to do and how we want to handle things in the future. What sign the new moon is in tells a lot about where this new-beginning, intention-setting energy is best focused.

A solar eclipse is a special kind of new moon. It’s a near-perfect alignment with the Sun that boosts the normal energy of that Moon & Sun combination way up!

When there’s a solar eclipse you have the sense that both what has gone before and what you wish to do next is amplified to really feel the energy of coming change. And that’s what it’s mainly about:  change. It’s like a coiled spring. There’s energy there and it’s going to be released. You are best to use and guide this energy in a positive way in your life lest it otherwise surprise you in potentially unexpected or undesirable ways.

Be open to new ideas during this time. It is a time of change and adjustment, and there may be new ideas put in front of you that you never considered before. Don’t limit yourself. Learn from your past and set a course with intention for your future.

While there’s a lot of energy with a solar eclipse, it’s going to be released over time. Maybe a long period of time or maybe a short period of time, but either way the starting gun for this race hasn’t fired yet. This is a beginning. Make decisions and prepare yourself but let the week of the eclipse pass by before you begin acting on some of the decisions you’re making. Use the time to consider all possibilities and explore all potentials. Figure out what you want to do, set your intentions, establish your goals, and make your plans.

Be ready to become who and what you want to be.