What Does Your Sun Sign Mean?

We’ve talked about why your Sun Sign is what it is, but what does it mean?


The sign your Sun is in represents a core nature of your personality. It’s where you have your strongest sense of personal identity. It’s what and how you pursue all things in your life and is central to how you approach your career and everything else you work towards and accomplish. Your Sun Sign isn’t restrictive in any way, but it influences how you go about your pursuits.


A person with their Sun in Leo is likely to be confident, generous, and enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. Someone else may have their Sun in Aquarius, who tends to have a strong freedom-loving streak, puts a high value on independence, and enjoys helping others.

Let’s say both the Leo and the Aquarius make a donation to charity. The Leo will, generally, be happier if their contribution is recognized — if people see them as charitable. The Aquarius is less likely to care about that kind of recognition. Does this mean all Leo’s want to be publicly recognized? No, but they all have that desire for recognition, even if it’s not overtly on display. Maybe they enjoy the respect of their peers at work, or the “likes” in their online community, or maybe they are fully public and pursue a life in politics, or public-speaking, or acting.

Your Way

Every sign has characteristics that are emphasized. Your Sun Sign indicates a way where you’ll be happiest focusing your energies, where you’ll have the greatest interest in achieving and experiencing. It’s where you’ll find a large piece of the puzzle of who you are and what will make you feel the most rewarded.