Sun Sign – Pisces

Sun Sign Pisces
Feb 19-Mar 20

What is Your Sun Sign?

While other planets in your chart contribute greatly to who you are, the sign your Sun is in represents a core nature of your personality. It’s where you have your strongest sense of personal identity. It’s what and how you pursue all things in your life and is central to how you approach your career and everything else you work towards and accomplish. Your Sun Sign isn’t restrictive in any way, but it influences how you go about your pursuits.

Sun Sign of Pisces

Having your Sun in Pisces makes you caring, imaginative, sensitive to others, and very aware of the “mood” of any room you’re in. Perhaps you’ve been called a “dreamer” before, and you are naturally creative and possibly artistic if you developed the skills to express your creativity in that way.

Caring for others comes naturally. You usually know quite clearly what others are feeling. Your desire to help others is strong and you may need to learn how to say “no” sometimes. Giving too much can be a risk for your generous nature. 

Partners for Pisces

Pisces needs a partner in their life that shows them heartfelt care and love. Of course we all do, but Pisces in particular needs this as they so often give so much of themselves that sometimes they have difficulty learning to receive that same kind of care from others. They also benefit from a partner that brings a grounding influence, without callously trampling on their dreams and feelings.

  • Strong matches for Pisces:
    • Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Neutral matches for Pisces:
    • Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces
  • Challenging matches for Pisces:
    • Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

So does this mean a Pisces – Gemini relationship is doomed? Of course not. We are far more than just our Sun Signs, and we all learn different lessons in our lives that can make any pairing work in the right circumstances. The above is just a guide to where there are commonly easier and harder aspects to a relationship.

Can a Challenging Match Work?

Let’s consider that Pisces – Gemini couple. Like Pisces, Gemini is changeable and fluid in their approaches to things in life. This similarity is actually one of the main reasons problems can arise. Typically Pisces finds better relationships with those who are different than themselves. But that said, with the right placements of other planets and life experiences, a Gemini and a Pisces could be true soulmates. If they find a way together to make the Gemini more open to what they see as Pisces “neediness” (loves deep, emotional connections) and make Pisces more understanding of Gemini’s divided attention (“yes, of course I love you, but there’s this bright, shiny object over there that I simply must investigate”) they can truly have a love of the ages.

Whenever we talk about Sun Sign compatibility, it’s always a highly generalized discussion. It’s similar to how your Sun Sign alone doesn’t define you as a person. All the planets work together in their placements to describe you as a whole. While only your full birth chart has this information, looking at just the Sun Signs is still a quick “rough guide” to which relationships come with what kinds of harmony and challenge.