Sun in Scorpio Trine Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

“This is a powerful time for continuing your practices of spiritual ritual, yoga, meditation, tai chi, or any other spiritual & physical art for personal growth and fulfillment. You’ll realize benefits from past efforts particularly in these areas.

Keep your focus on manifesting your desires and visualizing your success. Live it. Affirm it. Make it your reality.

Continue your efforts to accomplish your dreams in a practical way. There is more help for you continuing efforts that are already in progress than finding a new approach, but if making a change is the right thing to do, or if you haven’t started yet, go for it!”


Sun in Scorpio Inconjunct Mars Retrograde in Aries

Clarify both what you desire and your plans for obtaining it.

“Things can feel intense right now. You have strong desires but there’s self doubt and frustration about not acting on them. As tough as it is, know that this is okay — for now.

Look at what’s been done so far, look at what you desire, and consider your plan of action for making it happen.

Perhaps you feel unsure about it. Perhaps, as much as you want the results, you’re having trouble mustering the energy to take the actions needed. Know that the doubt and resistance to taking action will dissolve in the near future.

Use this time to make sure that you’re really clear on what you desire, then ensure that what you plan to do is on target for getting you there. Clarify your plan and prepare.”


Mercury Direct in Libra

Negotiate for everyone's benefit.

“When Mercury was retrograde in Libra it was time to evaluate the deals and arrangements you had with people — to evaluate what has been working for you and everyone involved. If you didn’t have a chance to do this, try to find some time now.

It’s a good time to start acting on any changes to deals and arrangements you identified as desirable. Talk to people. Find out what they think. Negotiate. Find a way for everyone to benefit.

You have your communication skills back and will come across as more put-together now than last week.”


Venus in Libra Inconjunct Uranus in Taurus

Finish the things you've started with those closest to you.

“Keep working with those who mean the most to you to build the life you each want. Support them and let them support you. Keep working on what you’ve started and finish it or at least hit a stable point before considering changing direction.

New solutions to home projects or finances may come up, but just note them down and get back to finishing what’s in progress. Shared efforts with those closest to you need to be followed through before anything new can begin.”


Mercury Rx in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

Evaluate how well you're working with people to get things done.

“Be careful not to break any unwritten rules of decorum or expected behavior at work for the next few days.

Take stock of any recent changes to how you and your co-workers interact and get things done. Do people work well together? Are any recent changes working? Just observe and evaluate without talking to people just yet. Do your best to figure out what is and isn’t working and where changes should possibly be made.

In your personal life, similarly take a good look at how things are getting done. How well have you been working with those you interact with? Figure out where changes should be made, but hold off on proposing any for the moment.

On and after Nov. 4th, go ahead and start asking people what they think. How do they think things are working? Ask for their thoughts and encourage open conversations.”